Stimulants for better potency in men

In the pace of the modern world, it is very difficult to always be on top of everything: at work, with friends, in bed. Stress, tension and bad habits only make the situation worse. And one thing always suffers, as practice shows, most often intimate life suffers. Dysfunctions begin in the functioning of the most important organ, which negatively affects the physical and psychological condition of the man. Panic begins, a decrease in self-esteem, disappointment in one's capabilities and the search for ways to restore lost strength.

Thanks to potency stimulants, a man improved the quality of his intimate life

To get rid of this problem or reduce its manifestations, you first need to adjust your lifestyle. Identifying the root causes and eliminating factors that affect the functionality of the sexual organ.

Internal causes of sexual dysfunction

Before using any medication, you must exclude the list of diseases that affect erectile dysfunction.

These include:

  • Infectious diseases of the genitourinary system (urethritis, prostatitis, cystitis).
  • Hormonal imbalance (leads to decreased sexual desire).
  • Endocrine system diseases (diabetes).
  • Cardiovascular abnormalities.
  • Malignant formations.
  • Genetic pathologies.
  • Congenital defects.
  • Age-related changes.
Stress and other negative factors can cause potency problems in men

External factors

But it is not only internal diseases that affect the state of potency, but also external factors must be taken into account. Harmful working conditions, sedentary work, deterioration of environmental conditions from year to year. External factors include men's eating habits, which also do not contribute to health. Most often, these are quick snacks and a lack of the necessary set of microelements in the diet: zinc, phosphorus, vitamin E. These microelements are part of testosterone, which is responsible for male libido. And we cannot fail to mention bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. All this negatively affects men's health.

Having determined the root cause, you can begin to fight this disease. Potency stimulants can be excellent allies. These are substances that keep male strength in good shape. There are two types of male stimulants: pharmaceutical and natural. They are easy to find in many pharmacies, but you can make natural ones yourself.

Honey and nuts are healthy foods that stimulate male potency

Natural stimulants

It is worth immediately remembering the products that have been used for many generations, from century to century, to increase male strength. Known aphrodisiacs: hot and spicy meat dishes, all types of seafood, red wine, nuts, eggs. Products produced by bees also have a beneficial effect on men's health. We must not forget about fermented milk products, as well as vegetables and fruits. This entire set of products is rich in beneficial microelements necessary for the body, without which the normal functioning of the male reproductive system is impossible.

Pharmaceutical products

If the problem requires serious intervention, medicinal potency stimulants will come to the rescue. When using medications, you should consult your doctor to avoid negative consequences.

Let's look at the types of stimulation medications. Medicines are divided into homeopathic and synthetic. The first are food supplements and are of plant origin; frequent use does not cause dependence. They promote blood flow to the reproductive organ, which increases erection. Some of them are taken as a course, while others need to be taken immediately before sexual intercourse. When taking it, you must read the instructions carefully.

For serious problems with potency, doctors prescribe synthetic drugs to men

Synthetic drugs

Efficacy is determined by the substances included in its composition, the so-called generics. They promote powerful blood flow and increase vascular pressure in the genital organ. It must be remembered that they should not be taken earlier than one hour before the intended sexual intercourse. Synthetic substances also include ointments, sprays and drops. Some of them not only have a beneficial effect on potency, but also relieve inflammation of the genitourinary system.

Hardware power stimulants

As progress does not stand still, it is also worth adding the emergence of electrical stimulators on the pharmaceutical market, the so-called hardware method of increasing potency. Electrical stimulators "pump" blood to the penis, thus stimulating erectile function. Furthermore, they are also suitable for prostate treatment. But when using it you should familiarize yourself with the contraindications. It is prohibited to use electrical stimulators in the presence of hemorrhoids, the acute phase of prostatitis or malignant neoplasms. When using hardware stimulators, treatment is carried out at intervals of two weeks.

The most famous electrical stimulators:

  • improves blood circulation through stimulation with electrical impulses;
  • a predominantly vacuum operated device;
  • a simulator to improve potency, affects the pubic-muscular region;
  • a simulator that massages the genital organ, which promotes rapid stimulation.

There are many ways to improve male potency, so such a problem in the modern world is not a death sentence. Restoring an erection is not that difficult, but the strong half of humanity should rememberA man can improve his intimate life without resorting to potency stimulantsthat at the first signs of erectile dysfunction, you should first consult a specialist to determine the root cause of the disease. You should also start taking stimulant medications only as prescribed. Now, some potency stimulants for men have a number of contraindications that can negatively affect health.

Also, before you start taking medications, you should first reconsider your lifestyle. Start eating well, doing sports and getting rid of bad habits, resting more and being less nervous. Often, it is this correction that allows you not to resort to additional stimulants to improve your intimate life and naturally increase male libido.