Lubrication in men during arousal, causes, signs, norm, pathology and doctors' opinion

Men are able to produce not only seminal fluid during sex, but also a special lubricant that makes it easier for the penis to slide during friction. When aroused in men, this substance is called pre-ejaculation.

male discharge during arousal


During arousal, men secrete a clear, colorless mucus called pre-ejaculation. It forms along with an erection, but can also appear after it. If there is no lubrication during arousal in men, this is a symptom of some pathology related to the reproductive system. The release of this fluid prevents injuries to the male genital organ during vaginal penetration.

In medicine, lubrication in men during arousal is called temporary. This substance is formed not only before sexual intercourse, but also during slight sexual excitement, during caresses, and also during masturbation. The appearance of lubrication in men during arousal indicates a desire to have intimate intimacy with a partner.

Composition of pre-cum

Pre-ejaculation is a mucous secretion that contains various enzymes and alkalis. As the female vagina's environment is acidic and rejects male semen, the lubricant neutralizes the aggressiveness of this female microflora.

There is a myth that says that secretions from a man's genital organ can make a woman pregnant. The fact is that lubricant does not contain sperm, but it may be present if sexual intercourse occurs without contraception, a few hours after masturbation or after previous sexual intercourse. To avoid an unwanted pregnancy, experts recommend using condoms or other forms of contraception.

Main functions

Lubricant is secreted in men during arousal; It is not only a clear lubricating fluid, but also a protective reaction of the mucous membrane. Such secretions facilitate the penetration of the male sexual organ into the female vagina and friction, if a representative of the fair sex has secreted a small amount of such a substance. The secretion of lubrication in men during arousal has several very important functions, which are as follows:

  • Neutralization of the increased acidity of the vaginal microflora.
  • Facilitating penetration of the penis, helping the movement of sperm along the cervix.
  • Greater chance of conception.
  • Removing the contents of the urinary canal.

In an acidic environment, sperm die quickly. Thanks to the alkaline pre-semen, they enter the reproductive tract without damage and can fertilize the egg. This is why male lubricant has the ability to protect sperm viability.

Furthermore, thanks to this male secretion from the urethra, the chance of conception increases, as the seminal fluid penetrates the uterus much faster during sliding. Natural lubricant helps to avoid the use of artificial substitutes and also facilitates the penetration of the penis into the vagina if the woman has a small amount of her own secretions.

What's normal like?

Thus, the question of whether a man secretes lubricant during arousal has been resolved. But what is she like? Externally, this liquid looks like simple transparent mucus. During sexual intercourse, it is released in quantities of 1 to 5 ml. This volume is enough to make sexual contact comfortable for partners. This seed contains smegma, a fatty substance that accumulates in the folds of the foreskin. If a man is faithful to only one sexual partner or uses a condom during sexual intercourse, there are no color changes or additional inclusions in the composition of the liquid. Only a light, whitish shade is possible.

When to see a doctor?

Many women still don't know if men have lubrication when they are aroused. Some people just didn't pay attention to it. However, it is a fact that this liquid is extremely important during sexual intercourse.

If any suspicious symptoms appear, a man should immediately consult a doctor. Thanks to this, it will be possible to identify the disease at an early stage of its development and, therefore, there will be a quick recovery. This is why it is so important to pay attention to the composition and shade of your pre-seed. Additional symptoms that help identify the diagnosis include the following:

  • Increased body temperature, fever, heat.
  • Feeling of pain or discomfort in the area of the organs located in the pelvis.
  • Skin redness, swelling and rashes.
  • Purulent impurities with blood in male secretion.
  • Burning and itching in the urethra.
  • Hyperemia in the penile region.
  • Erectile dysfunction, urinary retention.

Similar pathological processes in the male body during excitement and during rest are observed in case of infection with sexually transmitted diseases. If several or even one symptom is detected, you should immediately consult a doctor. The man is likely to need urgent antibacterial therapy.

No pre-ejaculate released

If a man has a lot of lubrication when he is aroused, this can be called a characteristic of his body. However, in some cases, representatives of the stronger sex do not notice the release of liquid during sexual intercourse, as it begins to be released only after the penis penetrates the vagina.

In 5% of cases, lack of lubrication is a symptom of the presence of some type of inflammatory disease. In such a situation, it is better to consult a specialist about the problem. You should also pay attention to the fact that in elderly people discharge from the urethra may be completely absent.

Change in consistency and color

It was said above that if a lot of lubricant is released during arousal in men, this is the norm, but if there is a lot of lubricant, this should alert you. However, changes in color and consistency are considered a reason to see a doctor. Normally, the color of seminal fluid is transparent, slightly whitish. You should also pay attention to the density of these secretions. Seminal fluid should not be thick and should flow freely from the urinary canal during sexual arousal. Reasons to contact a specialist include the following:

  • Formation of an unpleasant fishy odor, which contains a musty aroma.
  • Impurities of pus and blood.
  • Changes in the structure of seminal fluid, formation of curdled sediment, thickening.
  • Change of tone.

Red, gray, orange, green and other shades are signs of an infectious or inflammatory process in the body. The male body reacts in this way to any viral or bacterial invasion. In some cases, colored discharge is a sign of the natural rehabilitation process. For example, after prostate surgery, after antibiotic therapy or any other surgical intervention.

Transparent viscous discharge in some cases indicates infection with infectious diseases, for example, streptococci, staphylococci and E. coli. However, the appearance of bacteria will be observed not only in the pre-seminal fluid, but also in other secretions of the male organ.

Doctors' opinion

The grayish-green hue of the liquid indicates the presence of an infection in the male body. However, this symptom is not always a sign of sexually transmitted diseases, as ARVI or flu can manifest themselves in this way. In parallel with this, the man's body temperature increases.

Thick white discharge indicates the development of a fungal disease, more often with candidiasis. This disease is transmitted to a man by an infected sexual partner. When this pathogen is detected, it is necessary to treat both the woman and the man.

If the liquid is red, this indicates the development of a urological disease, for example, cystitis, urethritis, but it can also be a symptom of chronic prostatitis and a number of other diseases that are not associated with the urinary system.

Is it possible to get pregnant with male lubricant?

"Is it possible to get pregnant with men's lubricant" is a question that worries even experienced women. This is especially true for partners who practice coitus interruptus. Such fears are not unfounded. In fact, male lubricant (pre-ejaculation) also contains a small amount of sperm.

In the article we will find out if it is possible to get pregnant with lubricant and male secretions. And also what is the risk of contraception through interruption of sexual intercourse and touching without penetration. What contraceptive methods will help protect against such problems?

What is male lubricant?

To prevent sexual intercourse from causing discomfort, natural lubrication comes to the rescue. A woman's cervical mucosa secretes a transparent "secret" when she is excited. In men, this function is performed by the bulbourethral glands. Pre-ejaculation may also contain a small amount of sperm (after emission or masturbation). Functions of male lubricant: moisturize the penis mucosa before insertion into the vagina; neutralizing the effect of urine residues on the urethra (the acidic environment destroys sperm and prevents conception). So, the answer to the dilemma "can you get pregnant from lubrication, discharge, or mucus" depends on the type of contraception.

Types of male discharge

Man's natural secretion is mucus or liquid of various colors that emerges from the urethra. Could it be:

  • urine;
  • smegma;
  • prostate secretion;
  • ejaculate (sperm);
  • urethrorrhea (pre-ejaculation);
  • wet dream;
  • prostatorrhea.

Different numbers of sperm replace pre-ejaculation and, consequently, ejaculation. A small amount of seminal fluid from a previous ejaculation is sometimes retained in the lubricant.

Can a girl get pregnant from a guy's lube?

A common misconception is that pregnancy only occurs when sperm penetrates the vagina. Pre-seminal secretions contain a small amount of sperm, and during ovulation, one is sufficient. This is an additional chance for couples who are trying unsuccessfully to have a child. The chances are especially high at the beginning of the cycle, before menstruation.

Even a small percentage of the possibility of getting pregnant with lubricant should be taken into account when choosing a contraceptive method. A girl can get pregnant from a man's lubricant – yes, but the chances are slim. Also, some guys don't have sperm in their pre-cum. But this feature of the body is confirmed only by special laboratory studies.

With penetration

Girls who use coitus interruptus as a contraceptive method have a greater chance of getting pregnant with a man's lubricant. Even with an experienced and attentive partner, male lubricant entering the vagina increases the risk of unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sex.

No penetration through clothing?

The second question that worries girls is whether it is possible to get pregnant with lubricant without penetration. There is also a similar risk, especially when petting. If there is any "lubricant" left on a man's fingers after masturbation, there may be viable sperm on it. But this is unlikely, as the semen remaining in pre-ejaculation is often unviable.

Can a virgin get pregnant?

This is quite possible, and we are not talking about the virgin birth. This situation is due to two conditions:

  • individual features of the structure of the hymen;
  • sperm viability and speed;
  • Is the girl ovulating right now?

Even naked fondling can unexpectedly lead to pregnancy. This happens if male lubricant ends up on the girl's genitals. Sperm can enter the vagina and conception will occur. The risk is greater if the hymen is particularly elastic or damaged (trauma, equestrian sport). Sometimes this is enough to connect the egg and sperm. Medical statistics prove that a woman in labor with an intact hymen is not uncommon.

Statistics and survey data

The likelihood of men getting pregnant with lubricant is confirmed by medical studies. According to statistics, with the interruption of sexual intercourse, the risk of unexpected pregnancy reaches 75%. In comparison, condom protection reduces this probability to 96%. In other words, in every fifth couple that resorts to abortion, the woman becomes pregnant. The same results are obtained during fondling if male lubricant comes into contact with your genitals. The following factors are important:

  • How regular is the menstrual cycle?
  • the woman follows her calendar (when the most dangerous days are).

Medical statistics even report cases when conception through lubrication occurred the day after menstruation.

Main causes and predisposing factors of pregnancy

For pregnancy to occur, 2 fundamental conditions are necessary:

  • woman's ovulation;
  • motile and viable sperm of a man.

This is what makes the probability of conception with male lubricant low. To obtain the most successful result, sperm flow is desirable. There are few of them in pre-ejaculation and they are quite slow. The probability of pregnancy increases if there are several sexual intercourses at the same time, between which the man has not showered.

How to reduce the chances of conceiving from your partner's pre-seminal fluid to zero

The risk of unwanted pregnancy due to lubricant is reduced to a minimum if:

  • do not practice coitus interruptus;
  • before caressing, the man takes a shower;
  • mandatory hygiene procedures are carried out between repeated sexual intercourse;
  • both partners take a shower, the man should pay special attention to his penis;
  • then the man empties the bladder so that the acidic environment neutralizes the seminal fluid remaining in the canal;
  • If you have several acts after the first, you should only have sex with a condom.

Using reliable forms of contraception is important not just on fertile days.

Types of contraception: choosing the best option

The comparison table will help you choose the most reliable protection method:

Protection method Reliability level, %
Condom up to 96
Male sterilization 99. 9
Intrauterine hormonal methods up to 97
Oral contraceptives up to 98
Hormonal injections up to 97
Diaphragm up to 95
Intra uterine device up to 95
Basal temperature measurement up to 70
Calendar method up to 70
Interruption of sexual intercourse up to 60
Shower after sex up to 15

The couple individually selects a suitable method. It is important to take into account the health status and habits of your partners.

Reviews and opinions of doctors

Women's forums are actively discussing whether it is possible to get pregnant with male lubricant. Reviews of obstetricians and gynecologists confirm that interruption of sexual intercourse is the cause of many unplanned conceptions with high-fertility partners.

Ultrasound doctor, gynecologist, 8 years of professional experience. Professional skills: Conducting ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, kidneys and retroperitoneal space, bladder, thyroid gland, mammary glands, pelvic organs, prostate, ultrasound of the first trimester (pregnancy determination). Patient consultation, minor surgical operations, prescription of treatment regimens (STIs and pelvic inflammatory diseases), taking smears, scrapings, gynecological examinations.

Why is there discharge from the penis and itching in a man, boy, boy, child?

Discharge from the urethra, itching and redness can indicate various pathological conditions and diseases. During consultations, we often hear questions: "Why is my penis dripping so much? Why do blood, urine and sperm come out of the penis? Why is there discharge from the penis in men and severe itching? Let's take a closer look at the tactics and strategies in such a situation.

A man or boy sometimes faces a paradoxical situation. He wakes up in the morning and sees that some kind of liquid is secreted from the penis - white, transparent or mucous, purulent, yellow, green, yellow-green. And sometimes blood, mucus, pus and sperm are released. And it itches a lot. Itching is a very unpleasant symptom. And everything itches on the head of the penis, on the penis itself, in the area of the urethra, urethra, at the tip of the penis. And there's noticeable redness, or maybe severe irritation, and sometimes intense redness, inflammation, an inflammatory reaction. Terrible symptoms, discomfort. In any case, we do not recommend leaving everything to chance.

Sometimes in life there are situations when, a few days after the problem appears, the discharge decreases. But the problem is that the acute form of the disease can turn into subacute or chronic. The man calms down. And after some time serious complications arise, which take much longer and are more difficult to treat. What complications? Impotence, male infertility, curvature of organs, deterioration in sperm count.

Physiological libidinal urethrorrhea

Physiological libidinal urethrorrhea. Difficult term. FLU is associated with the occurrence of excitement in men and occurs due to the secretion of the urethral glands. These lubricating secretions contain sperm, so when a penis is inserted into the vagina, a woman can easily become pregnant with a boy or a girl. But the problem is that transparent mucous secretion (clear liquid) appears more often in pathology of the genitourinary system.

Ejaculate, sperm

Ejaculate. Ejaculation consists of sperm, prostatic fluid, and secretion from the seminal vesicles. Sperm can be released during wet dreams, orgasm, sexual intercourse and masturbation. The contents of prostate glands, Littre's glands, Cooper's glands, seminal vesicles and sperm can end up in the head of the penis. A wet dream is the release of ejaculate in the absence of regular sexual activity. Generally found in young adolescents aged 14 to 18 and in men during periods of prolonged abstinence.


Smegma is a physiological secretion from glands located in the foreskin and head of the penis. The appearance can be white and extravagant. Smegma must be removed by bathing twice a day. In recent years, many scientific studies have been carried out proving that the entry of smegma into a woman's cervical region can lead to uterine cancer, which, as you can see, is very bad. Men who do not have glans hygiene can develop penile cancer.

Pathological discharge in men and boys

Pathological discharge is varied and can often have a similar appearance to physiological discharge, which requires a medical examination to develop an examination and treatment plan. So what causes pathological discharge from the penis? More often it concerns inflammation, inflammatory reactions that can be caused by pathogens of sexually transmitted infections and opportunistic microflora. But, unfortunately, the cause of discharge can be tumors, oncology, oncological diseases, cancer. We must not forget that discharge can appear after operations on the genitourinary system, injuries to the genital and pelvic organs.

Classification of penile secretion: types, forms

Let's look at the classification of urethral discharge in men:

Discharge color:

  • white, off-white,
  • yellow, yellowish
  • green, greenish,
  • red, bloody, reddish, bloody, gory
  • yellow-green, green-yellow
  • colorless.


  • transparent,
  • cloudy,
  • translucent.


  • liquid,
  • medium consistency,
  • thick, viscous.

The discharge volume can vary - from a small drop to several milliliters. By volume of allocations:

  • abundant, large
  • moderate,
  • scarce, small
  • one drop.

Appearance time:

  • morning, morning, morning,
  • during the day, during the day,
  • at night, at night,
  • nocturnal, at night,
  • when urinating,
  • during the intervals between urination.

Appearance frequency:

  • periodical,
  • permanent,
  • associated with hypothermia,
  • associated with sexual intercourse
  • associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • associated with the consumption of spicy and spicy foods.

Connection with the time of year:

  • spring,
  • summer,
  • fall,
  • winter.

The discharge in each specific case in different men may largely depend on immunity, virulence of the pathogen, severity or chronicity of the process, type of pathogen, severity of the inflammatory reaction, concomitant diseases (for example, diabetes mellitus complicates the process). Often, with the same disease, different types of discharge can be observed, and with different diseases there can be similar discharge. Only accurate diagnostics can determine the type of pathogen (PCR - DNA diagnostics, RNA-NASBA test for RNA).

Sexually transmitted infections, sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted infections

What are these infections? Trichomoniasis (trichomoniasis), chlamydia, candidiasis (thrush, Candida balanitis, posthitis, balanoposthitis), gonorrhea, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, genital herpes (HSV1, HSV2), gardnerellosis (Gardnerella vaginalis), papillomavirus infections of the genital organs, cytomegaly, shigellosis urogenital homo sexualists, genital molluscum contagiosum, pubic lice, giardiasis, amoebiasis, HIV infection (AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), hepatitis B, C, D. Various secretions can be observed with them, in addition to acute prostatitis, urethritis, balanitis , posthitis, balanoposthitis may occur.

Because of this, many sexually transmitted infections can be asymptomatic; be sure to use condoms during sexual intercourse. Remember that the absence of discharge after sex does not mean that you have not been infected by anything.

In chlamydia, mycoplasmosis and ureaplasmosis, mucous discharge from the penis is often observed. More often they are viscous and transparent. The leukocyte (lc) content in this liquid is correspondingly small.

In the acute period, with chlamydia, trichomoniasis, ureaplasmosis, translucent mucopurulent discharge of white, whitish color of medium consistency can be observed. This secretion contains many leukocytes, urethral force and inflammatory exudate. If the secretion is not removed, a sticky or clumped secretion will form on the head of the penis.

With gonorrhea, purulent discharge is often observed, which is yellow, yellowish-green, yellowish-green, very viscous, viscous and has a thick consistency. This fluid contains a large number of leukocytes, inflammatory exudate, urethral mucus and urethral epithelium. Associated symptoms are itching, pain and painful urination.


In these cases, one should not self-medicate and let the disease take its course. Sexually transmitted diseases cause various pathologies and can also cause rectal dysfunction, urinary problems and a weakening of the immune system.